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Drama Matters

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Why does Drama Matters?

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” – William Shakespeare

Boys & Girls Clubs around the world have successfully implemented arts programming as part of their core offerings for members. Although visual arts, music and digital arts are common in Clubs, oftentimes drama programming is overlooked in favor of other activities. Drama Matters is an after-school program designed to bring the many benefits of drama to our members at their home school site. Here are three key reasons why Drama Matters.

1) Involvement in drama education makes a demonstrated, lasting, positive impact on young people’s self-confidence, communication skills, academic interest and performance, concentration, and self-discipline.

2) Role-playing scenarios and character development heighten young people’s empathy and compassion and can play a pivotal role in their own personal development through childhood and adolescence. Additionally, role-playing can help young people work through tension, frustration, and conflict by allowing them to play out various situations and vent emotions.

3) Members already have active imaginations; Drama Matters after-school will help direct those imaginations to potential careers such as acting, directing, theater management and even fields outside the theater like law and education. Discovering and developing their natural talents will give them opportunities to explore their creativity, learn and grow.

Offering Drama Matters programs after-school is just one of the ways the Boys & Girls Club Movement can help in the development of well-rounded, productive, responsible individuals.

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