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Scholarship Fund

Advanced Education Scholarship Fund

We recognize that education is key to the development of any young person. As part of the Boys & Girls Club’s commitment to helping our youth create Great Futures, we have created an Advanced Education Scholarship Fund focused on the investment in the education, training and, career path for our young leaders, while giving our community a vehicle in which to make a significant investment in a young person’s life and goals.

Through the generous support of donors, youth participating in Club programs can apply for support for vocational training, certifications, and college. The Advanced Education Scholarship Fund also provides recognition for community service, impact, and excellence in character for students who wish to pursue some form of education beyond high school.

For many of our youth, higher education and career paths are put aside due to financial barriers. In so many other ways the Boys & Girls Club has successfully championed challenges such as accessible after-school programs, transportation, meals, and social emotional support. It only makes sense that we help our students achieve a successful path to adulthood. We dream of building a substantial and sustainable fund that will help build a bridge and make educational and career goals come true for our youth.


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